Multi-Layered Heat Therapy and Electrotherapy Back Pad Device US 20130345778 A1.

Project Description

A multi-layered therapy pad is provided having a comfortable and supportive structure that houses heat therapy and electrotherapy means for treating back injuries and sores while an individual lies thereon. The pad comprises a first and second outermost layer of low-resilience polyurethane foam sandwiching an internal layer of higher density foam, which also supports electrical connections between the therapy controller, the power source, and the two therapy means within the pad. The electrotherapy means comprises static or tethered electrodes that apply pulsing electric current directly onto the user’s back for stimulation and easing of back pain, while the heat therapy is applied using a resistance heating element within the pad, which heats a majority of the pad for applying heat to the user’s back. The operation of the therapy means is controlled by an external controller, while power in received through an external source or an internal battery pack.

Project Details

  • Date August 17, 2017
  • Tags Products
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